Wild Elephants salute the men who rescued their Baby Elephant [Video]

In Kerala, India, a baby elephant falls into a ditch (or an abandoned well) and gets trapped there. As the family of wild elephants watches and waits on the other side of the river, local people and forest officials use an earthmover to help the baby get out.

Why are there DOGS in this zoo's Cheetah enclosure? [Video]

The amazing cheetah is the the fasted animal on land, but they instinctively suffer from anxiety, often resulting in them struggling to socialise with other cheetahs, and mate. The surprising solution to help prevent extinction? To pair each cheetah with an emotional support dog.

This Genius Pool-Escape Ramp is Saving Animals. [Video]

Pools and steep ledges be a lethal trap for wildlife. Biologist Rich Mason heard friends talking about over 50 frogs dying in their pool and decided there must be an answer. After testing a few iterations of a life raft and ramp combination the FrogLog was born.

During a Cold Snap, this Shopping Centre Turned into a Homeless Dog Shelter

During a snowstorm in Istanbul, this mall transformed into a dog shelter to protect homeless animals from the bitterly cold weather. Local volunteers helped by providing warm blankets and plenty of food to ensure the dogs had a comfortable night.