Beloved Huddersfield train station cat Felix has died

A beloved cat who patrolled a West Yorkshire railway station has passed away.

The black-and-white cat spent the majority of her life 'on duty' at the station.

Gorilla hugs human friend

A gorilla and a man she has known all her life have shared a tender moment, caught on camera, as the pair were reunited. The great ape can be seen removing the hat from her old friend’s head and placing it on her own instead.

Hens to be rehomed after driveway delivery drama

Twelve live chickens sealed inside cardboard boxes were found dumped on the side of a road, the RSPCA has said.

The charity said it believed the birds were ordered as part of a "starter set" by a person who wanted to keep hens.

Passenger is caught smuggling 160 exotic animals into Peru

Around 160 exotic animals including snakes, spiders and turtles were seized at a Peruvian airport.

The animals were confiscated at Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima.