Animal Rescue take in over 100 dogs in one week

AN ANIMAL rescue charity has had an influx of dogs in one week, counting more than 100 dogs that the charity has taken in.

Fermanagh man jailed over badger and cat mauling

A man from County Fermanagh has been jailed for animal cruelty offences after he filmed a cat and badger being mauled to death by dogs on his phone.

Charity 'alarmed' at surge in animal rescues amid cost of living crisis

The SSPCA has seen an “alarming” surge in rescues amid the cost of living crisis with owners forced to give up their pets due to their financial circumstances.

Chimps use more plant medicines than any other animal

For several decades, evidence has accumulated that animals turn to medicinal plants to relieve their ailments. Chimpanzees (and some other species) swallow leaves to mechanically clear the gut of parasites. Chimps also rely on the ingested pith of an African relative of the daisy, Vernonia amygdalina, to rid themselves of intestinal worms.