Moby shocks fans with huge tattoos spelling ‘animal rights’ in block letters on his arms

MOBY has shocked fans with his latest tattoos as he gets 'Animal Rights' tattooed in huge block letters on his arms.

humanitarian group describes 'apocalyptic' scenes of wildlife devastation on Kangaroo Island

Animal welfare charities have described what they say are apocalyptic scenes on fire-ravaged Kangaroo Island, in South Australia, where they have set up a base rescuing injured wildlife.

2019 was a surprisingly good year for animal rights

This time last year, both The Economist and Forbes predicted that 2019 would be the "year of the vegan", and boy were they right! Wimbledon offered strawberries and vegan cream for the first time, Greggs added a vegan sausage roll to its line-up, Papa John's introduced vegan cheese pizzas, and KFC launched the chicken-free Imposter burger. 

Naked animal rights activists lie covered in fake blood in the centre of Barcelona to demand an end to the fur industry

Around 70 animal rights activists stripped naked and smeared their bodies with fake blood to protest the fur industry in central Barcelona.