Baby flamingos in Turkey learn to fly at ‘natural school’

Izmir Bird Sanctuary, in the eponymous western Turkish province, hosts one of the leading breeding sites in the world, with some 18,000 flamingos that hatched two months ago. These young flamingos are now learning to fly at “natural school” located at the Gediz River Delta.

Monkeys say hello and goodbye just like humans!

Apes like chimps and bonobos often use special signals to begin and end social interactions — much like we might say hello and goodbye — a study has found. 

Wild beavers in Scotland more than DOUBLED since 2017

Scotland now has more than 1,000 wild beavers, according to a new report, which found their numbers and the number of territories have doubled since 2017.

New sustainable fisheries map launched to help steer holidaymakers towards bountiful British seafood

Top chefs and seafood experts are urging holidaymakers to try local, sustainable food when they visit the coast this year with help from a new online resource.