Funny - Puppy plays dead to avoid the vet [Video]

No one really likes the act of visiting the doctor, and it seems that animals are in agreement with us there - just watch this adorable puppy try her hardest to avoid a necessary visit to the vet!

Donkey who was tied up and left for dead gets the help he deserves

Donkeys are amazing, intelligent, social and affcetionate animals, that unfortunately suffer greatly in Greece and many parts of the world.

Tears of Joy - A rescue you have to see to believe [Video]

Sometimes the streets are quiet, but that can all change in an instant. This is the story of a special family who nearly broke our hearts. But wait until you see the ending.

Watching Birds at Home Improves Your Mental Health

A study from the University of Exeter concluded that people living in areas with more birds are less prone to depression, anxiety and stress.