Stop the reckless fish farming around the Scottish Isle of Arran

As you read these words, an island of just 5,000 people is gearing up to battle a worldwide fish farm bully. The Scottish Salmon Company plans to surround Scotland’s picturesque Isle of Arran with a grotesque super-sized salmon farm.

Heartbreaking photos show dog tied up and abandoned by cruel owner

The RSPCA has released distressing photos of an abandoned dog as they hope someone will recognise the pet and they can find the perpetrators.

Kenya's only female white giraffe, and her calf, killed by poachers

Two extremely rare white giraffes - a mother and her calf - have been killed by poachers in north-eastern Kenya, conservationists say. Rangers had found the carcasses of the female and her calf in a village in north-eastern Kenya's Garissa County.

Therapy dog stolen from autistic girl found dead three months later

A rare therapy dog stolen from a 12-year-old girl with autism has been found dead, her owners have said. Lottie the Dalmation was taken from the home of Chloe Hopkins in Leicestershire, UK, in early December. Three-year-old Lottie helped keep Chloe calm - and the theft left the youngster thinking someone hates her.