Court orders the release of Kaavan the elephant to a sanctuary after years of being beaten in Pakistani zoo

A court has ordered the release of a 'mentally ill' bull elephant to a sanctuary after 35 years suffering in a Pakistani zoo. 

Heartwarming moment Spanish fishermen rescue a dolphin trapped in their net [video]

Spanish fisherman worked for over an hours to lift a trapped dolphin out of their fishing net and free it back into the ocean. 

Lions born into captivity find happiness together after being rescued from a circus and petting zoo for a new life in South Africa

Lions who were both born into captivity have found happiness together after their rescuers decided to introduce them to one another. King of the jungle Luke and lioness Phuku defied the odds to form a strong bond at Love Lions Alive sanctuary in Free State, South Africa, after meeting earlier this year.


Have you joined the "No Mow May" campaign?

Not mowing in May results in more flowers and nectar all summer long for struggling pollinators. Wildlife organization urges us to leave lawnmowers locked up until June.