Monkeys react to magic tricks [Video]

Watch this collection of amazing clips, capturing the reactions of monkeys as they are shown magic tricks. These beautiful, intelligent creatures deserve our love and respect, and their curious reactions will have you laughing out loud.

Injured dog hiding in pipe takes DAYS to rescue

This sweet, young female dog had been hiding in a flood outlet pipe for days, maybe even weeks. When Patrick, a volunteer in Kalamata, Greece was called about the dog near Ancient Messini, he didn’t expect the rescue to be this hard.

Sad, lonely stray dog didn't know how to ask for help [Video]

Sad, lonely and fearful, Arnie was spotted in a petrol station, about 65 kilometers from Athens, Greece. A calm, silent giant; looking at you with those huge, green eyes. To scared to approach anyone, and thin and neglected with a dermatological disease that made him scratch unstoppably, the odds did not look good.

Ethiopia's Nationwide Project To Fight Deforestation

Ethiopia is Africa’s second most populous nation. It is being celebrated as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Unfortunately, the effects of the rapid expansion of its agriculture, construction and service sectors — as well as its ballooning population, now at 105 million — are taking their toll on the country’s natural environment. The pressure on land and forests is only set to increase with 70 million grazing animals and almost nine households in 10 still relying on wood for fuel.