Beaver released into the wild in Britain is run over

One of the first beavers to be released into the wild in Britain in 400 years was run over by a car and killed.

Owner stabbed her cat then put it in a freezer

A pet owner who stabbed her cat up to ten times while she was drunk sported a grin and gave a thumbs up outside court as she was spared jail last week.

Diver cuts sperm whale free from ropes tangled around its JAW

A  brave diver saved a 'frightened' giant sperm whale that he has 'known' for a decade - by slashing through ropes that had become wrapped around its lower jaw and anchored to the bottom of the ocean. 

World's smallest hog reintroduced into wild in India

A group of the world's smallest hog has been released into the wild in northeastern India as part of a conservation program to boost the population of a species once thought to have become extinct.