Police Dog ‘Lucky to Be Alive’ After Being Stabbed in Head

London police described how one of their K9 officers was “lucky to be alive” after being stabbed in the head six times while detaining an armed man.

Officers, including Police Dog Kaiser and his handler Police Constable Mark Woolcott, were called to reports of an intruder at a private property in Orpington, south London, on May 30th at around 11 pm.

Thai macaques rescued from exotic meat trade

Thai Police have saved 88 macaques from being turned into dinner following a routine interception of a pickup truck believed to be stolen and bearing fake licence plates.

Projectile from weapon found in field with horses

A Scottish horse owner has expressed concern after finding a crossbow bolt in a field on her property.

Dogs Die In Hot Cars

We all love to get outside and enjoy the sunshine when comes out. However, for dog owners it’s very important to remember the hot weather might not be as much fun for our furry friends. Dogs heat up quickly and cool down very differently to humans and heatstroke can result in serious complications for dogs.