Watch Out For Otter Traps

After decades of persecution, water pollution and habitat destruction, the otter is making a steady comeback in British rivers. Road casualties are pretty much unavoidable, but otters also face tragic ‘accidents’ in illegal traps.

Aslan supports the Oldies Club

All of us who have been involved with dog re-homing are familiar with the sad eyes of an elderly dog who never gets picked as would-be adopters walk past his cage door time and time again. But for the lucky ones, the Oldies Club does a wonderful job encouraging people to give a second chance to a loyal old dog.


Orangutan Emergency!

Viral video footage of a brave orangutan trying to fight a BULLDOZER has drawn attention to the plight of wild orang-utans as their forest homes are destroyed in Indonesia and Malaysia. The poor creatures face a deadly combination of deforestation, fires, poaching and the illegal pet trade.

AARCS: Adopt Bond

“Hello! My name is Bond. I am a glutton for snuggles, attention and food!