'Bermuda Triangle solar storm' pigeons start to turn up across Ireland

Several British racing pigeons which vanished across the UK in a suspected solar storm are understood to have turned up in Ireland more than a week later.

Teenager receives 10-year ban from keeping dogs

A TEENAGER has been given a 10-year ban from having dogs after badly neglecting his pooch.

Ban for owner of ‘grossly obese’ horse

A “grossly obese” horse more than 100kg overweight and suffering from laminitis was allowed unrestricted grass and fed extra hay – despite advice from welfare inspectors and vets about the same horse three years earlier.

Dead turtles, dolphins, whales wash ashore in SL

At least 118 turtles, 17 dolphins and four whales have died and washed ashore on Sri Lanka's beaches in recent weeks following the burning of the X-Press Pearl container ship, the Department of Wildlife Conservation said.