Airport security find a surprise in checked luggage

Thai customs officials have arrested six Indians for trying to smuggle a red panda and 86 other animals out of the kingdom, including snakes, parrots and monitor lizards, officials said on Wednesday.

Keeping primates as pets banned in UK

Measures have been signed into law (Tuesday 5 March) to ban the keeping of primates as pets.

The legislation brings in a licensing scheme setting strict rules to ensure that only private keepers who meet new welfare and licensing standards will be able to keep primates, delivering on a manifesto commitment and Action Plan for Animal Welfare pledge to provide greater legal protection for pet primates.

5.5 billion wild animals kept in cruel conditions around the world

Whether it's for entertaining tourists or to harvest their bones, across the world billions of wild animals are being exploited for profit.

Feeder scheme finds 'heartening' rare bird numbers

Cameras installed on bird feeders on farmland have recorded "heartening" evidence of the most endangered bird species on the Isle of Man.