Tragic story of the 'world's loneliest bear'

After 12 long years trapped behind bars in brutal captivity, Jambolina was finally given a taste of freedom in May last year when she was able to bound joyously over the luscious Swiss Alps.

Two killed by 'armed' chickens at cockfighting events in India

Two men have bled to death at cockfighting events in India after being sliced by knives fixed to roosters.

Rescue centre takes in entire herd of goats to keep them together

Rays Farm in Billingsley, near Bridgnorth, announced its immediate closure earlier this month because of "matters outside [its] control" and put the animals up for sale.

Mystery cat attacker uses AIRGUN to terrorise Sussex felines

Residents are calling for police to take action after a spate of cat shootings on a residential street in Haywards Heath, Sussex.

The most recent incident in Acre Close took place on New Year’s Day when 11-year-old cat Frank was shot in his back leg with an air gun.