Cat survives school run ride under car bonnet

A cat was lucky to survive a five-mile round trip beneath a car bonnet after she escaped from her home.

Scots man who starved pet bearded dragon banned from keeping animals for one year

A man who starved his pet bearded dragon for months has been banned from keeping animals for a year.

Gary Ross, of Dufftown in Moray, failed to feed his pet lizard Coco or keep the animal warm. It was found in a badly emaciated state by welfare workers and after a vet inspection, was put to sleep.

Grazing animals introduced to Kent bison rewilding project

A bison rewilding project has welcomed a new cohort of grazing animals which ecologists say will improve biodiversity.

Longhorn cattle, iron-age pigs and Exmoor ponies have joined the bison herd at the Wilder Blean Project near Canterbury, Kent.

Beavers are being reintroduced in LONDON

Beavers are to return to an urban part of London for the first time in 400 years.

The rodents were once hunted to near extinction in the UK.