Slow Paced Sloth Rescue [Video]

This is the heart-warming moment a 'scared, wet and hungry' sloth was rescued from a river and carried to safety. Inch by inch, in characteristic sluggishness, the mammal wrapped its long claws around a branch being held by a group of resort workers at Junglewood Falls in Panama.

National Trust plans to convert acres of the idyllic Green Belt countryside into expansive parking

Protesters are locked in a furious feud with the National Trust over plans to transform acres of the idyllic Green Belt countryside into a sprawling water castle parking lot.

Dogs poisoned in Lebanon because of bogus claims pets can infect humans

Horrific footage of dogs in agony after they were poisoned in a doomed attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus has emerged in Lebanon after a report on Lebanese MTV claimed that cats and dogs could transmit the virus. 

Covid 19: Animal shelter suspends intake amid outbreak

A UK based shelter for cats and dogs has had to stop accepting rescue animals due to the coronavirus outbreak.