Home Security Camera Catches Dog Sense Earthquake BEFORE it hits

Home surveillance footage has captured the moment a dog was seemingly able to sense an earthquake was about to strike in Utah. In Marray, Utah, this family dog - Bear - appeared to wake up just before the earthquake struck.

Good news for Mother Nature: Coronavirus pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution

Air pollution has plummeted in the past six weeks as entire countries hit by the Covid-19 outbreak were forced to hit the pause button on industry.

Shut down wildlife markets NOW!

With their brisk trade in endangered and poached animals, wildlife markets in many countries are driving the extinction of species. The markets are also breeding grounds for diseases that can also be deadly to humans. There is no excuse for the existence of these markets – it’s time to shut them down NOW.

Rescued: Two Moon Bears Who Were Caged and Mutilated are now Free

A female moon bear in Vietnam was kept in a tiny cage hidden behind a house for the past 22 years. The owner admitted to extracting bile from her twice a year. She is missing her front right paw, leaving a stump which looks awful after having stood on metal bars for decades. Lethargic, and exhibiting stress-related behaviour including biting the metal bars, she desperately needed help.