Curious Calf Offers Friendship to Lonely Blind Bison and Changes Her Life

Helen: the blind rescue bison lives at Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Oregon. She first arrived to the sanctuary around 6 years ago, but her nervous nature meant that it was difficult for her to socialize with the other animals.

Hero dog is found protecting missing girl, 4, who spent 48 hours in the wilderness with her faithful pet

A four-year-old girl from Alabama who disappeared on Wednesday has been found less than a mile from where she wandered off. Vadie Sides disappeared for almost a full 48 hours before she was finally located on Friday afternoon.  

Super International Agility Winner at Crufts [Video]

Watch as Scotland's Euan Paterson and Crazee win the International Invitation Agility Competition with a blistering run in the final on day 3 of Crufts 2020.

Abandoned Hairless Hamster Warm and Cozy Thanks To Custom Tiny Sweater [Video]

Hamsters are known to be little fluff balls who run on wheels all day, but Silky is a different kind of hamster. Silky has a rare genetic disorder which prevents her from having any fur.