Divers in Thailand attempt to free whale shark entangled in rope

A group of divers in Thailand tried to save a whale shark whose tail was tied by rope. Video filmed on Saturday shows the whale shark swimming with a nylon rope tied around its tail. 

Rabbit born without EARS is adopted by her breeder after all her siblings found homes

A professional rabbit breeder has shared she decided to keep an adorable bunny as a pet after it was born with no ears. 

Little Leo the bunny was the only one of her eight siblings to enter the world without his trademark floppy ears.

Drone Footage Shows Thousands of Nesting Sea Turtles

For years, researchers in Australia have struggled to accurately count thousands of green sea turtles that come to Raine Island, the largest green turtle rookery in the world. Now, researchers have used drones and splotches of temporary white paint to get an accurate count of the endangered turtles and the results nearly double prior estimates, reports Amy Woodyatt for CNN. The drone footage used by the scientists provides stunning aerial views of an estimated 64,000 turtles circling the small cay waiting to lay their eggs.

Scots urged to stop importing designer puppies from abroad

The founder of a campaign to ban third-party sales of puppies has urged Scots to be wary of a new trend of importing pups from abroad.