Norway landslide sweeps 8 houses into sea, dog swims to safety

A powerful landslide in Arctic Norway was captured in dramatic footage Wednesday as eight houses and a dog were swept into the sea and disappeared beneath the churning waters.

Iceland supermarket adopts Chester Zoo's penguins to help save attraction from permanent closure

British supermarket Iceland have adopted Chester Zoo's whole rookery of Humboldt penguins in a bid to support the popular attraction which is facing an uncertain future. 

Endangered elephants reclaim national park as lockdown allows them to roam freely

For as long as the elephants could remember - and that is a long time - the path to the river snaked down the hillside through jungle so dense a troop of pachyderms could simply vanish.

Green sea turtle released more than a year after being found with horrific injuries on Great Keppel Island

A vulnerable green sea turtle that washed up with life-threatening injuries on a remote beach has returned to the sea — 18 months, and thousands of dollars worth of food later.