Vile: Man kills pet by tying it to car to give it a run during coronavirus lockdown

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A dog owner has been named and shamed for allegedly flouting a coronavirus lockdown and killing his pet after tying it to the back of his car to give it a run.

British Airways flies 50 rescue cats and dogs from Cyprus to UK amid Covid-19 crisis

50 lucky dogs and cats were flown to the UK on Thursday by a British Airways cargo flight from Larnaca airport. The animals were taken to Larnaca airport by animal shelter staff.

Prison break! Escaping an 18 year sentence [video]

Watch the first ever swim for this moon bear after 18 years in a tiny cage. You can almost see the smile on the face of the moon bear, rescued in Vietnam.

Black rhinos eavesdrop on the alarm calls of hitchhiking oxpeckers to avoid hunters

In Swahili, red-billed oxpeckers are called Askari wa kifaru, or "the rhino's guard." Now, a paper appearing April 9 in the journal Current Biology suggests that this indigenous name rings true: red-billed oxpeckers may act as a first line of defense against poachers by behaving like sentinels, sounding an alarm to potential danger.