Discovery of a breeding pair of Hainan Gibbons raises hopes the critically endangered species can be saved from extinction

A critically endangered primate on the verge of extinction appears to be recovering after conservationists discovered a new breeding pair. 

The Hainan Gibbon is an ape only found on the forested Chinese island of the same name, and in the 1970s the worldwide population was less than ten.

Orphaned gorillas pose with their carer in the Democratic Republic of Congo

And these pictures appear to prove that, much like modern humans, apes enjoy posing for a selfie.   

The snaps were taken by Patrick Sadiki Karabaranga, 39, who is the guardian of orphaned gorillas in Virunga national park in Rumangabo, Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Calf trapped neck deep in mud is rescued after he was spotted by eagle-eyed tram driver 

A tram driver rescued a calf trapped neck-deep in mud after it got stuck in a boggy pond that had turned to mud in the hot weather. 

Tiger cub seeks human help after death of mother tiger

A wild tiger cub took the mighty unusual step of seeking human help after losing her mother in the east of Siberia.