Colorado Zoo Welcomes First Baby Hippo in 32 Years

On July 20, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's Nile hippopotamus Zambezi welcomed her first calf. The birth was actually captured on camera (warning: there is some blood in the clip below), showing the moments the baby hippo "popped up from underwater, bobbed up and down and swam right over to meet its mom," zoo staff wrote in a blog post.

Care home in Rochdale enjoys visit from therapy sheep

Residents at a Rochdale care home recently enjoyed a surprise visit from a trio of therapy sheep.

The woolly guests form part of a small flock owned and cared for by Emma Jackson, whose Sheep Therapy business continues to grow in popularity.

Ban on elephant ivory could be extended to other animals

A ban on elephant ivory could soon be extended to walruses, hippos and killer whales under UK Government proposals.

4,000 racehorses dispatched to UK slaughterhouses since 2019

At least 4,000 racehorses have been dispatched to the slaughterhouse in Britain and Ireland since 2019, an investigation has found.