Spain: Appalling images show chickens kept in dirty, rat-infested cages

Horrifying images obtained by an animal rights group show hens cooped up in cramped, rat-infested cages beside chicken carcasses and insects crawling over eggs.

Tributes paid to 'exceptional' police sniffer dog Mij

Tributes have poured in for an 'exceptional' police dog whose drug-finding abilities became so famous that he starred in a television series and made it 'impossible' for criminals to hide their narcotics.

How Goats Are Being Used To Prevent Wildfires In Ireland

After a summer of wildfires, Ireland has sent a dream team made up of 25 Old Irish goats to help prevent fires starting again - by using their teeth!

Drivers on Jersey face fine if they run over a cat and don't stop

Drivers on Jersey face being fined thousands of pounds if they run over a cat and don't stop after local politicians voted to change the law this week.