World's only white giraffe is fitted with GPS tracking in a bid to protect it

The only known white giraffe in the world has been fitted with a GPS tracking device to help protect it from poachers as it grazes in Kenya. 


Beavers build their first water barrier in Exmoor for 400 years

Beavers have built their first dam in Exmoor in more than 400 years, after river restoration by the National Trust.

Bears who were the last remaining animals at hellish Pakistani zoo follow Kaavan 'the world's loneliest elephant' to a new life elsewhere

The Pakistani zoo which once housed the 'world's loneliest elephant' Kaavan has now closed for good after the last of its animals were taken to shelters overseas.

Endangered Kroombit tinker frog bred in captivity after years of trying

After two decades of trial and error, a team of scientists has finally bred the Kroombit tinker frog in captivity in the hopes of preventing its extinction.