Lucky cat rescued from washing machine after owner started a 30 minute cycle

An incredibly lucky cat has escaped unscathed after his owner accidentally locked him in the washing machine and set it going.

12,000 bears need rescuing from evil, cruel bile farms

Over twelve thousand bears live miserable lives on evil, cruel Asian bile farms, according to Jill Robinson, founder of Animals Asia. They are mainly moon bears, but some are sun bears and brown bears. Many are caged so tightly they can’t move and have catheters inserted into the gall bladders, or surgically manipulated “holes” to cruelly syphon off the fluid.

Seal pup found severely injured is transported to safety

Dangerously underweight and with severe bite wounds inflicted in attacks by adult grey seals, the baby harbour seal was a forlorn sight when dog walkers came across her on a beach.

But with her huge eyes and mournful expression, the five-month-old pup captured the hearts of rescuers, who named her Vera.

74 smuggled parrots stuffed into plastic water bottles

At the end of 2020, more than 70 parrots stuffed into plastic water bottles have been discovered on a ship docked in Indonesia's Papua region.