Beavers born in Essex, UK, ‘for first time since Middle Ages’

Beavers have been born in Essex for the first time since the Middle Ages, conservationists have said.

The mammals had been hunted to extinction for their meat, fur and scent glands in the UK by the beginning of the 16th century but have since been reintroduced.

Golden Retriever floats on four pool noodles unbothered by the woes of the world [video] 

Talk about a relaxing dip in the pool. This brief clip shows an adorable Golden Retriever resting on four styrofoam noodles in the pool...

Pit Bull Saved from Hurricane Floods Moments Before it’s too Late [video]

After Hurricane Florence, Keith Benning of Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue found this pittie on the roof of a submerged car waiting for help.

French beach horror: Fishing trawlers mutilating and killing huge number of dolphins

Dead dolphins are washing up on France's Atlantic coast in such high numbers that local populations of the mammals are at risk, marine biologists say.