Heartbreak as 2,700 chickens on Doncaster farm face the slaughterhouse - unless you can rehome them

The race is on to save almost 3,000 chickens who need a new home or they will face the slaughterhouse.

Rooster Farm and Rescue in Doncaster is appealing for people to help re-home the 2,700 chickens who desperately need to find a new home.

This new way of counting lions could boost conservation efforts

From widescreen high-definition wildlife documentaries to food brands, royal crests, sporting teams and Disney movies, the lion is one of the most appropriated and revered animals on the planet.

But this reverence sits in contrast to the falling numbers of the living, breathing muscular cats in Africa.

One of world's rarest dolphins is rebounding in Pakistan

In a secluded pocket of Pakistan’s Lab-e-Mehran park, the smooth waters of the Indus River break into circular ripples, and the head of a pale gray dolphin appears. The animal lingers briefly before diving back into the water, its dorsal fin gleaming in the sun.

Divers in Thailand attempt to free whale shark entangled in rope

A group of divers in Thailand tried to save a whale shark whose tail was tied by rope. Video filmed on Saturday shows the whale shark swimming with a nylon rope tied around its tail.