Dog rushed into emergency surgery after swallowing 16 golf balls

A greedy dog was left feeling below par after swallowing 16 golf balls.

The boxer dog named Ben was rushed into emergency surgery after the cluster of 4 centimeter wide balls were found lodged in his stomach.

Dog’s barking miraculously leads rescuers to missing woman with dementia

A dog who barked has miraculously led rescuers to a missing woman with dementia.

Sherry Noppe, 63, went missing after she never returned home from a walk with her black Labrador Max last week.

Woman left Staffordshire Bull Terrier to die in a cage while she went on holiday for two weeks

A woman who left her dog to die while she went on holiday has been spared jail after her pet's eyes fell out and its flesh was chewed on by maggots.

Cruel farmer filmed cockerel fights and didn't protect dog

A FARMER who goaded a black lurcher dog into attacking and killing a fox and filmed cockerel fights has been banned from keeping the animals for ten years.