Baby zebra dies after running into gate

A "BELOVED" zebra foal has died in a tragic incident at a wildlife conservation park in Bristol after running into a gate while playing.

Revolting, illegal chicken factory ignored order to close immediately

A CHICKEN factory which supplies takeaways and restaurants ignored an order to shut down after health inspectors found filthy conditions.

Bats buzz like bees and hornets to scare off hungry owls

Did you know? Bats mimic the buzzing sound of stinging insects to scare off predatory owls. This type of acoustic trickery, when a harmless animal mimics a dangerous one, has been found previously in some insects but has never before been described in mammals.



Ukraine: Cats are dying of Heart Attacks

Ukraine: Cats are dying of heart attacks

The situation in Ukraine is devastatingly critical.

Countless animal rescue shelters have been totally obliterated.

The bombing and shelling is literally scaring these poor little animals to death.

Cats are dying of Heart Attacks after bomb blasts tear through their shelters.

Right now in Ukraine, rescue missions are already underway, but more help is needed.

As a small not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to helping and saving distressed and vulnerable animals, we rely on the big hearts and generosity of our members and supporters.

These animals are relying on us, and we are relying on you.

Please chip in whatever you can x