5.5 billion wild animals kept in cruel conditions around the world

Whether it's for entertaining tourists or to harvest their bones, across the world billions of wild animals are being exploited for profit.

Feeder scheme finds 'heartening' rare bird numbers

Cameras installed on bird feeders on farmland have recorded "heartening" evidence of the most endangered bird species on the Isle of Man.

Young otter saved near main road in Bideford

UK Wild Otter Trust said it was called to reports of two young otters on the steps near Bideford Quay.

CEO and Founder of UK Wild Otter Trust Dave Webb described how they rescued one of the cubs, but the other one made its way back to water on 22 February.

Cornwall couple banned from keeping animals

Devastating pictures of neglected horses and ponies have been revealed after a Cornwall couple who claimed to be "providing a safe and loving environment" for rescues and their employee are banned from keeping animals in one of the worst cases of animal neglect in the county's history.