Man found 10 guinea pigs in new home, now has 80 living with him!

A man has revealed how he found several guinea pigs in his new home - before ending up with 80 of them and spending nearly £8,000 a year on the furry friends. 


Hero army dog is awarded animal version of the Victoria Cross 

A heroic army dog who saved countless lives by sniffing out five IED bombs during a raid against the Taliban has been awarded the animal version of the Victoria Cross.

129 neglected cattle seized from B.C. property with 'numerous' dead animals

Animal protection officers with the SPCA have seized 129 cattle from a property in southeastern British Columbia.

18 Exotic Animals Seized From 3 Passengers At Bengaluru Airport

New Delhi: Revenue intelligence officers have intercepted 3 passengers arriving from Bangkok at the Bengaluru airport and recovered 18 non-indigenous animals.