Farm family spares Jersey cow from slaughter

This is Delbur, the sweet young Jersey steer who has become a beloved pet to the Holzwarth family.

Even as a calf, the family knew Delbur, who’s described as an ‘extremely loud’ and very conversational guy, was different.

Charity uncovers vast illegal trading of donkey skins online

A report from The Donkey Sanctuary is the first to uncover the vast online illegal trading network of donkey skins. Thousands of skins are currently for sale on e-commerce websites, as well as popular social media platforms.

Wildcats will roam UK countryside as kittens born in Highlands set to be released

WILDCATS may once again roam the Scottish highlands in significant numbers as kittens bred in captivity are due to be released next year.

Pug health so poor it 'can't be considered a typical dog'

A new study suggests that pugs face such serious health conditions they can "no longer be considered a typical dog from a health perspective."

Research from the Royal Veterinary College has revealed the health of pugs is now substantially different and largely worse than other dogs.