Hero dogs save sleeping owners from terrifying fire

A couple who were fast asleep as their house went up in flames this weekend were rescues by their dogs, Essex Fire Service has confirmed.

The pets alerted their owners to the huge fire at a house in Essex by barking in the early hours of the morning.

Animal testing: UK bans testing licences for make-up ingredients

The UK government has banned giving licences for animal testing of chemicals used as ingredients in cosmetics products.

The announcement comes after it was revealed that the government had allowed animal testing for some make-up ingredients to start again, despite a 25-year ban.

Woman banned from keeping animals for life after leaving cat to starve to death in filthy property

A woman has been banned from keeping animals for the rest of her life after she left her cat to starve to death.

Wales votes to ban animal snares

Wales is on track to become the first UK nation to ban snares, after a vote in the Senedd backed criminalising what campaigners say is a cruel and indiscriminate way to trap wild animals.