Mystery cat attacker uses AIRGUN to terrorise Sussex felines

Residents are calling for police to take action after a spate of cat shootings on a residential street in Haywards Heath, Sussex.

The most recent incident in Acre Close took place on New Year’s Day when 11-year-old cat Frank was shot in his back leg with an air gun.


53 Snakes Among Animals Found In Abandoned Bags At Chennai Airport

Two bags containing snakes, monkeys and tortoises were found at Chennai Airport, India, last week, officials said. The unattended bags were spotted by customs officials near the baggage claim belt at the airport on Wednesday.

Workers found dead penguin in containers as they cleared disposal site

Workers discovered containers full of human body parts and a dead penguin - thought to come from Edinburgh zoo - while clearing a disposal site, a court heard.

Man Uses Hands To Free Tiny Bird Frozen By Feet To Metal Railing

This is the moment a kingfisher that probably landed on a metal railing with wet feet and got frozen to the metal was freed by a passing jogger.