Humpback whale population bounces back

People across Australia’s east coast are catching an earlier than expected first glimpse of breaching humpback whales as they migrate north, and scientists say the reason why is a conservation success story.

A wheelchair to help this little Pomeranian get around!

A Californian Pomeranian puppy at an animal sanctuary in Rindge is getting a chance to walk because of a donation from the Amherst-based group, Walkin' Pets.

Rescue rats trained to find ‘victims buried in rubble’ after earthquakes

Rats are being trained to be sent into earthquake debris wearing tiny backpacks – so rescue teams can talk to survivors.

So far seven rats have been trained, taking only two weeks to get them up to speed.

Depraved pervert jailed for just nine months after filming himself raping his pet dog

A depraved father will spend less than a year behind bars after raping his dog.