London Fire Brigade's £3.3M animal rescues

London Fire Brigade has spent more than £3.3 million rescuing animals ranging from cats and dogs, lizards and snakes to even fish in a pond since January 2009.

Rarely seen animal roaming streets of Welsh town

A rare animal has been spotted roaming the streets of a Welsh town. A black fox, that are normally domesticated, has been pictured in Barry and Sully.

Large animals travel more slowly because they cannot keep cool

Whether an animal is flying, running or swimming, its travelling speed is limited by how effectively it sheds the excess heat generated by its muscles, researchers found.

How far an animal can travel dictates where – and how far – it can migrate, find food, mate and spread into new territories.

Mexico police seize dozens of exotic animals during raid

Officials raiding a property near the Mexican capital have seized 25 exotic animals, including lions, pumas and a Bengal tiger.

They had been alerted to "suspicious activity" at the ranch in Huixquilucan, west of Mexico City.