Number of BUG SPLATS on car number plates plunges by 64% in 20 years

A project asking people to count squashed bugs on their car number plates suggests flying insects have declined by nearly two-thirds in less than 20 years.

Freedom for Mark, Albania's last 'restaurant bear'

Albania's last 'restaurant bear' has arrived in a wildlife sanctuary after spending 20 years in captivity, where he lived on a concrete floor and had cracked teeth from biting the bars.

Spain to ban popular housebound species

Thousands of people living in Spain, including expats, fear they may have to put their much-loved pets down as the government prepares to announce tighter laws on keeping animals in homes.

Spain already has a tight list of animals that cannot be kept as pets due to their endangered or protected status. But they are expected to add to this list in coming weeks. Details have not yet been released but it has been reported this new list could include hamsters, rats, lizards, and snakes.

Humpback named Moon travels from Canada to Hawaii with a broken spine

A humpback whale with a broken spine defied all odds when it completed a 3,000-mile journey from Canada to Hawaii doing the breaststroke.