American bulldog puppies are found abandoned in layby

Abandoned American bulldog puppies were found dumped in a layby by a gang of men - with one too unwell to survive.

World's RAREST chimpanzee is born at Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo has welcomed its newest arrival – a western chimpanzee baby.

Notorious puppy farm baron is found guilty of animal cruelty for a third time 

A 'greedy' puppy farmer faces the prospect of a third ban in 18 years on owning animals after again being convicted for running a cruel dog breeding operation.

Kathryn Lisa King, 52, was convicted on 17 counts of animal cruelty and now faces being prohibited from having contact with any animals for years after a trial in Perth Magistrates Court.

EU chief Ursula von der Leyen is embroiled in a row over the culling of wolves

Late one summer’s evening, a middle-aged woman headed off into the woods for a walk with her two dogs. She hadn’t gone far when one of them froze in its tracks.