Dog rescued from England's highest peak after refusing to walk back downhill

A mountain rescue team was called with an unusual request last weekend after a dog refused to descend England's highest peak. Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was forced to stretcher an "injured and exhausted" pooch off Scafell Pike on Saturday, May 13. The team completed a nearly 2,000m round-trip with the dog's owners in tow following a busy day of rescues in the Lake District.

Young children value the lives of animals more than adults do

If you had to save the life of a person or an animal, which would you choose? Most adults say they would save the person, but almost half of young children would prefer to save the animal instead, a study from Poland has found.

Calling all swifts : Durham Cathedral installs speakers to attract birds to its belfry

Durham Cathedral is encouraging breeding swifts to nest by installing high powered speakers 60ft above the ground in its Belfry Tower.

The Dark Web Sells Thousands of Wild Animals. But Not as Pets

Amid the human-driven ecological unraveling, the illegal wildlife trade poses one of the greatest threats to many species' continued existence. Alas, the internet has allowed this trade to flourish more easily than ever.