Brave dog battling heart cancer 'washes and snuggles' abandoned kittens and rabbits

A brave rescue dog has continued to 'foster' and care for neglected animals despite battling heart cancer.

Border collie cross Gypsy nurtures and looks after abandoned kittens, rabbits and puppies taken in by owner Jo Yoli, from Sale, Greater Manchester.

Wildlife group warns not to approach dolphin pods of North East coast

Wildlife groups along the North East coastline have urged beachgoers to not approach dolphins for the safety of man and beast.

Pod sightings have reportedly risen in recent years, so as warmer weather arrives various bodies have spoken of the dangers of bothering the aquatic mammals.

Now BULLDOGS could be banned

The breeding of bulldogs could be banned unless their shape is altered to prevent a host of debilitating conditions — after a study found they are the unhealthiest dog in Britain.

Cost of living crisis: owners struggle to afford UV lamps and heaters needed for reptiles

The cost-of-living crisis is forcing exotic pet owners to abandon their animals as they struggle to afford expensive equipment needed to keep them.