Puppies and monkeys in neck restraints are force-fed at US testing lab 

Horrifying undercover video shows beagle puppies whimpering in pain and distressed monkeys held in neck restraints at an animal testing laboratory in Indiana.

'Ugly' reef fish are more likely to be endangered and in need of conservation

While colourful tropical species like the clownfish, made famous by the Disney film 'Finding Nemo', may garner more attention from conservationists, a new study has found that the reef fish humans find 'ugly' are more likely to be endangered. 

Loggerhead turtles are SHRINKING - but it may be a good sign!

Loggerhead turtles appear to be getting smaller - but this could be a sign that numbers are increasing.

Scottish wildcats: Kittens set to save species from extinction born at wildlife park

The wildcat kittens which are likely to be among the first of the species to be released into the wild in Britain have been born.