Study shows owning a dog may cut risk of children getting eczema

Owning a dog might help your future children — by slashing their risk of eczema, research suggests.

US experts tracked eczema rates in almost 800 children under the age of two and looked at whether their parents kept a dog indoors during pregnancy or in the first year they were born.

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year

To all of our supporters, we wish you a very Happy New Year. May you spend 2023 with your family, safe and comfortable.

Battered and bruised puppy finds a loving new home

A puppy who was brutally hit, kicked and stamped on by her cruel owner after she chewed the TV remote controller has been found a loving new home. 

The horrific truth about elephant tourism

Standing in the burning heat, jabbed with metal hooks, with chains cutting into their flesh - this is the cruel reality behind elephant tourism in Thailand. And tourists from Britain unwittingly play a part in their torment.

There are more than 200 unethical elephant venues in Thailand where visitors demand selfies with these majestic animals or clamber aboard their backs to ride through the jungle.