How 600 Sheep Will Help Maintain a Solar Array

Janna Greir, a shepherd in Alberta, Canada, knows solar farms can sometimes be controversial. In rural areas, large arrays take over hundreds of acres of former agricultural land. That can be a tough loss for local farmers, especially ones with links to the land going back generations. 

Bear cub rescued and nursed back to health

An adorable bear cub was found lost in the wilderness without his mother by a Turkish rescue centre in Hakkari, a nearby province on the Turkish border with Iraq.

Dog rescued after four-day mine shaft ordeal

A dog missing for four days has been rescued safe and well after being discovered in an abandoned mine shaft.

Olive the red fox labrador went missing on Thursday 14 April while on a walk at Lady Canning's Plantation in Sheffield.

Wolverine fish and blind eel among 212 new freshwater species

Scientists are celebrating 212 “new” freshwater fish species, including a blind eel found in the grounds of a school for blind children and a fish named Wolverine that is armed with a hidden weapons system.